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Partner-Trans Fuvarozási Kft.

International forwarding & Transport organization

reliable partner since 1996.

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International transporting

Mainly Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany in the direction. Whether it is one piece of carton or complete loads.

internal transporting

Tatabányai headquarters departing collecting and distributing freight our help faster delivery.

Transport organization

We have been presenting TimoCom international freight exchange since 2001.. And have been working eith trusted companies for a long time.

Dangerous package transporting

Our proficient colleagues help to transport even the most dangerous merchandises into the destination safely.


If you have temporary lack of space, we can store or park anything in our guarded depot.


Professional and transport consulting, international relationship buliding and application writing.

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Billing address: 2800 Tatabánya, Ságvári E. út 11.
Company Registration Number: 11 09 003889
Tax number: 11196596-2-11
Leader: Kilián István
TimoCom: 9962
Bank: MKB Zrt. (Tatabánya Fő tér 6.)
>>IBAN: HU97 10300002-10594488-49020010

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Available transportation offers and options